Celebrating Special Occasions

Harmony Glass gives you the opportunity to create a timeless and bespoke keepsake of your celebratory event. Created during a dedicated time within your ceremony, pour and blend the colours alongside your chosen loved ones, infusing the crystal mixture with the combination of love and memories of that special occasion.

Of course, not all celebratory events have ceremonies as part of the occasion. Why not choose “The Harmony Glass Experience” as a gift to commemorate the memories of your special event?  

Choose your favourite shape from the collection of bespoke glass art pieces, as well as your unique combination of colours. The Harmony Glass Experience concludes in your choice to visit the glass studio. Here you can enjoy the experience of watching your crystal mixture artistically transformed into your piece for life – encompassing the memory and importance of your event.   

Where did the idea come from?

The “Sand Ceremony” has been a popular ritual for use in many ceremonies and was the starting point for our creation of “the Harmony Glass Experience”.

In any setting, it gives the opportunity for chosen loved ones to come forward and be involved.  Instead of coloured sand, tiny particles of glass crystals are used. Using a glass container, participants take it in turns to pour your chosen coloured glass crystals into the vessel  – as the colour blends, it symbolises the joining together and once poured, the crystals, as with sand, can never be separated.

Along with the blended glass crystals, there is one further part of the experience, where the couple or family members are invited along to the glass studio. Taking place at a later date, you are given the opportunity to watch the blended crystals, containing the memories of their special occasion, be transformed into their own unique piece of chosen glass art. You and your loved ones can then enjoy this much talked about piece placed within your home, as a reminder of the memories of that special day.

Which ceremonies is Harmony Glass suitable for?

“The Harmony glass experience” has been designed to be  a suitable addition to any ceremony that will evoke memories.

In a naming ceremony, each supporting adult or godparent could chooses an appropriate colour for the child/children in question. They come forward, pour together and blend the colours, signifying their acceptance of the importance of their role in the child/children’s upbringing. Or the parents could choose to pour their own colours alongside the choice for their child/children’s.

At a Renewal of vows, or celebration of a milestone wedding anniversary ceremony – all the children/ grandchildren could come forward and pour specially chosen colours. For example, combination of reds and white for a ruby anniversary, a selection of gold/yellow and white for a golden wedding.     

There really is no limit to the events or special occasions where you could use “the Harmony Glass Experience”. One of our team will be on hand to discuss any element of the experience with you, should you have any questions.

If there are questions about what colours to choose and colour combinations, then we are experienced in helping you with this process.   


How is it included in the ceremony?

One of our team can discuss with the details of your ceremony with you, including how “The Harmony Glass experience” can be incorporated seamlessly into your ceremony.

If Ali is your chosen celebrant for your ceremony,  she will discuss the symbolism of your chosen colours, and the story behind the reason for the choices, including this in your ceremony script. If you choose another person to deliver your ceremony, standard wording and explanation of how the ceremony is incorporated into your special day will be provided.


What colour options are there?

One of the most special aspects of “the Harmony Glass Experience” is selecting your choice of colours. There are 22 different colours to choose from and it is suggested that a maximum number of 6 different colours are used.

Your choice of colours could be for a personal reason.

For a wedding, you could include colours which signify shared loves: green for a love of nature, or blue for the colour of the sky or sea that are memories from your engagement. Or the colour of your beloved football team! Choose colours to match your wedding theme, or the colours in your home where your chosen piece of bespoke glass will be displayed. Some couples decide to choose colours which signify them as individuals, which of course are then forever entwined in your piece of unique glass art.

For a funeral service, colours can be specific to the deceased – a favourite flower or a prominent favourite c0lour that was always worn, a supporter of a club or particular sport.

For a naming ceremony, you could select symbolic colours for your hopes and dreams for the child’s future: red for love, white for peace or perhaps yellow for happiness. The possibilities are endless ensuring that every piece is unique.

Colour Option Names:
01:  Dark Blue, 02: Lapis Blue, 03: Amethyst Blue 04: Lilac, 05: Gold Ruby, 06: Raspberry, 07: Imperial Red, 08: Cherry Red, 09: New Red, 10: Opaque Orange, 11: Saffron Yellow, 12: Gold Topaz, 13: Crown Yellow, 14: Canary Yellow, 15: Seed Green, 16: Dark Green, 17: Aqua Blue, 18: Copper Blue, 19: Water Blue, 20: White, 21: Black, 22: Rainbox Mix.


Shape Options

As unique as each person planning their ceremony, there will be a shape of glass art that you are particularly drawn to.

There are four key shape options for you to choose from. Each will display your personal colour choices beautifully, as well as encapsulating the memories of the loved ones that came forward to share your special moments on your chosen celebratory day. In a celebration of life funeral or memorial service, your loved one’s ashes can be added to your choice of colours before they are blended into your choice of shaped glass.

The 4 main shapes options are (from the left)

  • The Tipi
  • The Totum
  • The Twist
  • The Giant Teardrop

    An extra special memory to give away

    There are a number of additional shapes that are available to purchase in addition to your main piece of Harmony Glass and are offered using the same coloured mix of crystals .

    This is a wonderful keepsake for those people that are involved in your actual Harmony Experience. Give a special gift to everyone involved in the ceremony planning, such as a Best Man, Bridesmaid, parents or grandparents.

    Present a special smaller shape to any children that have been part of “the Harmony Experience”.

    You can see images detailing these in the gallery section at the bottom of this page. The smaller additional shapes available are:

    • Hanging heart (2 different designs)
    • Baby Teardrop
    • Paperweights (2 sizes)
    • Hanging Bauble
    • Flat heart
    • Egg (2 sizes)


    Gift an Experience

    “Harmony Glass” pieces can also be purchased for special occasions, without any ashes being added to them, and our new “Harmony Glass” Gift vouchers can be gifted for any number of celebratory events:  Engagement, Wedding, New Baby, Special Anniversary events,  Birthdays and other Occasions.

    The recipient of the Gift Vouchers will go through the same personalised experience and be able to choose their shape (according to pricing),  and combination of colours.

    For further help and advice please contact Ali here  


    Remembering a loved one in a wedding ceremony…

    There are many ways to remember a loved one in a wedding ceremony. You could keep an empty seat on the front row, light a candle, or have a pictured framed on the ceremony table. You could have a picture woven in the bride’s bouquet, a special piece of jewellery or in the groom’s case, cufflinks or tie pin.

    Traditionally, a bride wishes her dad to escort her down the aisle. When this is not possible, it can be upsetting when planning the day and a very raw memory at that moment of walking in with someone taking their place. At the time of choosing your combination of colours for the ceremony, when thinking of pouring and blending your chosen colours, why not choose a special colour for dad? Or any other special person/s that are sadly not able to be present on the day?

    In the content of “the Harmony glass” part of the ceremony, those special people can be remembered verbally. You can highlight the importance of that particular colour being poured at that time and being blended with the rest of the colours. Perhaps a memorable piece of music can be playing in the background at the time of pouring the crystals, adding to the memories?

    If there is a special vessel or ornament that holds sentimental value, this can be used in the ceremony to pour the coloured crystals into. This is another way of remembering a person that is not able to be present- perhaps from a grandparent or other relative.    


    Choosing your participants

    As unique as the couple are, the people they wish to share in their “Harmony Experience” will be different too.  Why not offer your loved ones the experience of choosing their own colours before the ceremony?

    There are a number of additional shapes available to purchase alongside the main piece of Harmony Glass, which can be made at the studio alongside your main piece, using the same coloured mix of crystals.


    Sometimes two parties come together who have had children from previous relationships. It is an important day to recognise their part in a ceremony by bringing everyone together, as a new family moving forward. How wonderful then for each of these children to choose their own colours and come forward in pouring their own choice of colours but all blending together as one family.

    I often have couples that have had a baby during the time of their wedding planning and offer a combination ceremony of naming and the celebration. As well as your own colour choices, there is the opportunity to choose a colour for the newborn, pouring and blending altogether.