“Pawever in your heart” Adding ashes to create timeless memories of your much loved fur-baby

Ali has great pleasure in announcing that the  Harmony Glass pieces are now available to house your beloved pets’ ashes, offering you the opportunity to have a stunning piece of unique glass art as a bespoke memorial piece, recognising the Love and Companionship that your pet has given you during their time with you as a member of your family, and to recall all the wonderful memories that you experienced together.    


A unique and bespoke keepsake

The Harmony Glass Experience” is a spiritual and enriching way to celebrate and remember the life of your devoted family pet . Working alongside expert glassblowers, I have  created beautiful and unique designs of glass art, for Harmony Glass , both large and small, and at  all different price points .

Please visit the other pages within this website to view the shapes available – there are new shapes being added periodically, but please enquire if you are looking for something specific.

Each piece is handmade and unique due to your own choice of colours. There are over 23 different colour ways to choose from.  As in many things, less is more, and I recommend that no more than 6 different colours are chosen.

Your chosen colours relate to the glass crystals that the Harmony Pieces are transformed into, and at the stage of making, your beloved pets’ ashes are skilfully added to your blend of chosen colours.

Alongside the launch of the new additional service, “Pawever In My Heart”, to offer you the opportunity to house your beloved pets’ ashes into a piece of Harmony Glass art, Ali is excited to bring a further new stunning shape to the portfolio.

Named “The Harmony Flame of Life”, it is another substantial “conversational “ piece, available in your chosen colour ways, to enrich the surroundings that you choose, whether in your home or office or an equally meaningful place for you.

All of your loved ones ashes are handled with the upmost respect, care and professionalism throughout the whole process.

Only a tablespoonful of ashes is needed to add to your piece of stunning Harmony Glass.

Each piece highlights the ashes visually, as a prominent white swirl, physically seen amongst the chosen colours. Clients have found this  comforting that the ashes are so visible.

Ali takes pride in dealing sensitively with any enquiry, and if you prefer to speak with one of the team before placing an order then please complete the contact form or call directly.

For more sizing details and to place an order please click the button below.

Each piece is a stunning “conversational piece” and for you to place in your favourite part of your home or office.

So, what is the process?

Choose your shape of “Harmony Glass”

Choose your colour choices (see below)

Complete the order in our online shop and pay in full

When your completed order is received, confirmation will be sent out to you and you will receive a padded addressed envelope to send your pets ashes safely to Harmony HQ.

Please fill in the contact form if you would like more information or help in your choices of Harmony Glass and its colourways.

If you know what shape you would like and the colourways, then please proceed to the online shop.

Colour Options

Perhaps your loved one was a keen walker, or they enjoyed the great outdoors? Were they an avid football fan, or did they have a passion for their vintage motorcar?

The colours you choose will enable you to capture these memories and all the ways this person was unique. It also allows family members and friends to contribute their ideas and memories, creating a really positive talking point and focus at such a difficult time.

See the image to the right to see the wide range of colours which are available for you to select. The names of each colour are listed below:

Colour Option Names:
01:  Dark Blue, 02: Lapis Blue, 03: Amethyst Blue 04: Lilac, 05: Gold Ruby, 06: Raspberry, 07: Imperial Red, 08: Cherry Red, 09: New Red, 10: Opaque Orange, 11: Saffron Yellow, 12: Gold Topaz, 13: Crown Yellow, 14: Canary Yellow, 15: Seed Green, 16: Dark Green, 17: Aqua Blue, 18: Copper Blue, 19: Water Blue, 20: White, 21: Black, 22: Rainbox Mix.