Remembering and celebrating loved ones lives with a beautiful and unique creation

A fitting way to remember a very special person.

The Harmony Glass Experience is a spiritual and enriching way to celebrate and remember the life of a deceased loved one. Working with our expert glassblower, we create beautiful and unique pieces of glass art to commemorate that special person, incorporating their ashes and colours which bear significance to their memory.

Enriching the celebration of life ceremony

 “The Harmony Glass Experience” can form part of the ceremony by creating a spiritual connection between your loved ones in memory of the deceased.  

You can incorporate up to six different colours, so any number of people can be chosen to select a colour which is significant to their memories of that person.  You will be able to enrich the occasion with extra special and personal memories. which will be written into your ceremony. Usually held at the time of Reflection, the pivotal moment is when each person comes forward to pour their selected glass crystals into a vessel representing their own personal memory of their loved one.

After the ceremony, the combined crystals are sent to Harmony Glass HQ. If you wish for any ashes of the deceased to be included alongside the crystals, then both can be sent together.  Only a small amount of ashes is needed, and this enhances the glass shape beautifully, which naturally twists around the colours in the glass. If you wish, you can attend the studio to watch the glass blowing transformation, or if you prefer, your piece can be delivered to your chosen address.

Using ashes to create a timeless treasure of your loved one


If you have already had your ceremony, or you would prefer this to be a more private celebration, you can select the colours and shape for your glassware. Our glassblower will create this exquisite piece of art for you to remember your loved one. 

Each of the colours has its own symbolism, along with the significance that memories can attach to colours. As these intertwine within the glass, it creates a beautiful talking point and is a very special memento to a life that has passed. 


Colour Options

Perhaps your loved one was a keen walker, or they enjoyed the great outdoors? Were they an avid football fan, or did they have a passion for their vintage motorcar? 

The colours you choose will enable you to capture these memories and all the ways this person was unique. It also allows family members and friends to contribute their ideas and memories, creating a really positive talking point and focus at such a difficult time. 

See the image to the right to see the wide range of colours which are available for you to select. The names of each colour are listed below:

Colour Option Names:
01:  Dark Blue, 02: Lapis Blue, 03: Amethyst Blue 04: Lilac, 05: Gold Ruby, 06: Raspberry, 07: Imperial Red, 08: Cherry Red, 09: New Red, 10: Opaque Orange, 11: Saffron Yellow, 12: Gold Topaz, 13: Crown Yellow, 14: Canary Yellow, 15: Seed Green, 16: Dark Green, 17: Aqua Blue, 18: Copper Blue, 19: Water Blue, 20: White, 21: Black, 22: Rainbox Mix.


Shape Options

As unique as your beloved, there are four key shape options for your beautiful glassware. Each will display your colour choices beautifully, as well as encapsulating your loved one’s ashes if you choose to include these. In addition to these, you may wish to include further smaller shapes, which can be given to loved ones as a unique keepsake of this special person. You can see images detailing these in the gallery section below. 

The main shapes options are (from the left) 

  • The Tipi
  • The Totum
  • The Twist
  • Baby Teardrop
  • The Giant Teardrop